Planning /

Management support Department


Planning / Management support Department

The performance of the department’s efficient duties lay the foundation of Corporate Sustainability Management in constantly changing world. It establishes long-term business strategy and vision by analyzing international/domestic economy and market situation.

This allows efficient budget allocation and execution, financial planning and finance strategy.

R&D Department

The department is in charge of new product development to meet global needs. It performs analyzing advanced technology project, creative work to solve problem and results oriented research & development connected with the business strategy.



Manufacturing Management / Quality Department

The department controls various data related to manufacturing quantity and stock, supply and demand quantity with manufacturing plan. It also examines internal and external quality management systems and in charge of quality control / quality assurance.

Marketing (Domestic, Overseas)

Pioneering new customers and create new market with market analysis and subdivision of customers’ needs.

Using level-headed analysis and innovative ideas, it performs the optimal marketing/communication