2nd Plant of MedPark Co., Ltd. completed in October, 2018

(Located in Busan)

MedPark Co., Ltd. is the leading bio-material manufacturer in the bio-medical field of the fourth industrial revolution. MedPark specializes in manufacturing bio-material based on the first and core technology in Korea. In addition, we are expanding our business to all areas of the medical industry.



We manufacture bone grafting materials and collagen products(Membranes, Plug, Tape) and export to all over the world more than 50 countries directly. Especially, we are expanding the business for Chinese market in China subsidiary(MedPark Qingdao) to boost its domestic demand. Furthermore,


In particular, MedPar’s own core technology and patent of extracting collagen are able to make the business accelerate not only in dental area but in orthopedics, cosmetics, otolaryngology, dermatology and anti-aging area.



​​1. About us

2. Patent and core technologies

- Patent and core technologies

  • The first bone grafting material manufacturing technology in Korea, Extracting Collagen technology, EGCG/Nano fiber manufacturing technology


- Other certification

  • Start-up representative company / Excellent firm of Technology commercialization / Ministry of Korean SME award,  KITI award

  • Promising Export company

  • Korean export awards : US$1 Million

  • GMP / ISO13485 : 2016 Certified

  • China subsidiary Qingdao medical device license (class 1,2,3)

Company building of MedPark Co., Ltd.

and 1st Plant

(Located in Busan)

MedPark's Subsidiary in Qingdao, China